2018 – present

Electrical Engineer – Ergo Consulting Ltd, New Zealand

Ergo’s team of electrical engineers is as large as any in New Zealand. This is our focus – we are a relatively small but highly specialised company. We have short reporting lines, we move quickly and are responsive. The owners work in the business and with our clients. With Ergo, what you see is what you get. We love engineering and design. Doing a good job, getting it right, is important. We tell you how it is, we are direct and, if need be, we stand our ground. We are transparent, open and honest. It really does matter to us.


    – ETAP modelling
    – DIgSilent PowerFactory moddeling
    – Quality assurance

2014 – 2018

Electrical Engineer – Gazprom Neft Badra B.V., Iraq

Gazprom Neft Badra is the operator developing the Badra oil field located in Wasit Province in Eastern Iraq with estimated reserves of over 3 billion barrels of oil.

Roles range from overseeing safety standards in the plant, directing the activities of the electrical maintenance staff (and assisting with professional development and training for local staff) to maintenance planning and developing of design modifications, investigation of real incidents, provide the root cause analysis and prepare mitigation plan based on the results.

Specific responsibilities:

    – Establish and provide technical / maintenance direction to maintain plant and equipment
    – Provide a zero harm workplace through safety and environmental leadership and execution of safe and efficient maintenance tasks for all employees / contractors
    – Identify and progress improvement opportunities with the aim of substantially improving equipment reliability
    – Planning the work for the electrical work force with an emphasis on plant availability
    – Scheduling planned preventative maintenance tasks
    – Providing technical advice for the procurement of all electrical equipment
    – Troubleshooting and investigations
    – Work in the field team on remote sites


    – Strong technical knowledge of electrical equipment, operation, maintenance and repairs
    – Problem solving / analytical skills
    – Knowledge of the relay protection SEL, MCOMP
    – Installation and testing the power and control cables
    – Ex equipment installation and inspections
    – Significant improvement of English language for communication in multi-ethnic environment

2012 – 2014

Head of local service center – Alstom Grid, Russia

Alstom Grid is serving customers globally with over 20,000 employees in approximately 80 countries. Current name is Grid Solutions from 2016 (

Specific responsibilities:

    – Verify design and tender documentation
    – Participate in tenders
    – Verify project documentation
    – Lead significant projects, down days and short shutdowns
    – Support of project technical lead, follow-up of the compliance of project implementation to approved technical solutions
    – Troubleshooting and investigations on sites


    – Ability to connect easily with people on sites and build effective working relationships
    – Strong technical knowledge of electrical equipment

2008 – 2011

Service Relay Protection Engineer – AREVA T&D, Russia

AREVA T&D is officially Alstom Grid from 2012.

Specific responsibilities:

    – Produce design and tender documentation to a high level
    – Testing, on-site commissioning, and maintenance & support activities
    – Troubleshooting and investigations on site


    – Commissioning of electrical equipment up to 500kV
    – Secondary System Design experience
    – Excellent knowledge of MiCOM relay protection (ALSTOM, AREVA, SE, GE)

2004 – 2008

Relay Protection Engineer – Irkutskenergo, Directorate, Russia

Irkutskenergo is one of the largest power generation systems in Russia with 12.9 GW power generation.

Specific responsibilities:

    – Relay Protection coordination
    – Developing an effective preventative maintenance program
    – Maintenance schedule drafting and approval
    – Maintenance management and operation of electrical equipment
    – Approval of switching operation programs for electrical equipment up to 500kV
    – Commissioning for new electrical equipment
    – Troubleshooting and root cause analysis
    – Preparing cables schedules and cable calculation
    – Preparing technical enquiry and review technical proposal
    – Schemes and drawings modification
    – Preparation and approval of protocols and reports
    – Registration of the defective sheets, and control above their execution
    – Registration of acceptance documentation and conducting the operational engineering documentation


    Commissioning, adjustment, maintenance and operation works with next electrical equipment:
    – Distributive panels 6/0,4 kV
    – Electrical equipment such as Generators, Transformers, Motors, Cables, OHLs, Outdoor Switchgears up to 500kV
    – HPP specific knowledge
    – CTs and VTs up to 500kV
    – Synchronization systems for generators
    – Microprocessor controllers up to 500kV: GE, MiCOM, ABB, SIEMENCE, EKRA etc.


Electrician – Irkutskenergo, CHP-10, Russia

CHP-10 is a power station with 1100 MW power generation.

Specific responsibilities:

    – Maintenance for electrical equipment such as generators and transformers


Professional Skills

    – Excellent knowledge of LV and HV distributive panels
    – Able to maintain and operate electrical equipment for power generation system
    – Able to perform switching operations up to 500kV
    – Experience with variable-frequency drive for electrical motors
    – Knowledge of generators, transformers, motors, distribution equipment, oil-filled cables and bushings, vacuum circuit breakers, SF6 circuit-breakers, air-blast circuit-breaker, OHLs up to 500kV
    – Experience in design of electrical equipment
    – Experience of commissioning and maintenance electrical equipment
    – Experience as trainer on training courses for electrical engineers
    – Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills as a service and maintenance engineer
    – Estimation and correction the electrical designs and projects up to 500kV
    – Management of a commissioning team
    – Work on the onshore and offshore
    – Excellent knowledge of the relay protection MiCOM (ALSTOM, AREVA, SE), SEL
    – Work experience with protections of other manufacturers (SIEMENS, ABB, GE, L&T etc.)

Personal Skills

    – Well-organized and efficient
    – Professional demeanor
    – Dependable – can work without а supervision. Able to follow directions and give orders
    – Able to work under a pressure and meet deadlines. Able to make technical decisions quickly
    – Without harmful habits

Computer Skills

    – MS Office (MS Visio include) and Open Office
    – Able to use AutoCAD
    – Able to learn new software applications with ease
    – Work experience as a SAP planner during two years
    – Skills in web-technology (HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript)
    – Skills in programming (C++)

Oil & Gas

Sakhalin Energy (Shell) – training courses for electrical engineers in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, work at the Piltun-Astokhskoye-B platform (offshore) as a Service Engineer.
TOTAL, Kharyaga – Leader for a group of service engineers.

Gazprom Neft Badra B.V., Badra, Wassit, Iraq – Work qua relay protection engineer, electrical engineer, operation engineer, electrical supervisor, acting chief power engineer.

Nuclear Power Plants

Commissioning engineer at nuclear power plants: Kalinin NPP, Rostov NPP.

HPP (Hydro Power Plant)

4 years as curator for cascade of the most powerful HPPs in Irkutsk region (4500MW, 3800MW, 600MW)


1998 – 2003 Irkutsk National Research Technical University

    Specialty: Power stations, Grid and Systems, Diploma with honours
    Average score is 4,97 (5 is maximum)


2017 – Electrical equipment for use in explosive atmospheres, EX0104/190617/18
2015 – Electrical Safety Fundamentals & Practices – NFPA 70E, NEXT, Schlumberger
2012 – HUET (Helicopter underwater Escape Training Including Emergency Re-breathing System) OPITO Course Code: 5095. Certificate Number: 98585095040512002. Valid Until: 03.05.2016
2009, 2011 – Courses of relay protection in Stafford, UK, AREVA T&D
2008 – Courses of relay protection in ABB University, Switzerland

Workplace Photo
My workplace, Gazprom Neft Badra B.V.